Developers Update #1

Developers Update #1

Following the initial screenshots and information for the game, we have decided to focus more on the technical aspects of the game in our developer updates to distinguish them from just media updates.

First off, we will talk a lot about the improvements and changes you will see in Men of War: Assault Squad and there will be a lot of them! This is not just an expansion pack with a few new missions and vehicles, this is a complete tune-up of the original game.

Thus we will talk about the new game modes, new features, new gameplay mechanics, new equipment and weaponry. This time let’s start with the following:


Men of War: Assault Squad is an entirely unique expansion with 15 exclusive maps to play on. Skirmish provides a game mode that is not just an addition of a few bots to multiplayer. It is a completely new design that will provide challenge for our singleplayer and cooperative gamers alike, while also familiarizing players with many of the concepts and gameplay elements they can expect to see in the other multiplayer game modes.

You will fight on massive maps against the AI to control key battlefield locales by yourself or with up to three friends. To begin, you'll start off with your field HQ and a small unit of soldiers. You'll have to advance into enemy territory, capturing strategic points along the way which will allow you to requisition more powerful units or specialized squads with better equipment.


They are the most combat experienced troops you have under your command, whether you call in a Veteran Tiger tank crew, 101st Airborne or Commandos, they all share one goal to destroy your enemy and achieve a glorious victory for your troops.


Special units that will be ready to punch a hole through the enemy defenses the moment you require it. Their massive destruction power is offset by the price of their limited availability, that's why you should use them wisely.

Each flag in the game provides you with new equipment, the further you progress the better equipment your HQ will grant you to pursue the advance against the enemy. Here are some indicators that will help you choose your primary targets:

1. Capturing these points grants you access to additional infantry. Infantry are the backbone of your forces and specialists like Snipers, Flamethrowers, Medics, and more can be used to push back the enemy line of defense.
2. Once under your control these points allow you to call in Assault troops. These soldiers are the best of the best and are capable of dealing with armored threats which will allow you to smash even further into the enemy territory. These troops are the tip of the spear.
3. Securing these points enables you to deploy anti-tank guns, mortars and heavy machine guns, enabling you to dig in against the enemy and stem the tide of any counter-attacks. With these at your disposal you'll have everything you need to repel the enemy even when the numbers are against you.
4. Capturing these will ensure your armored forces movement into the combat zone from your secure staging area. Armored units are capable of breaking through where infantry may get bogged down. While not all armor is created equal a properly employed tank is perfectly suited for leading the assault on a bridge head or town center. Use them wisely!
5. Your impressive progress grants you the use of some unique ways of supporting your troops. From air strikes to heavy artillery or infantry rushes, these points allow you to bring your enemy to their knees in multiple ways.
6. Is your enemy proving to be a tough nut to crack, or dug in deeply to stop your advance? This won't be a problem once you capture these points, allowing you to rain hell and fire down upon you enemies with access to the most powerful artillery systems your HQ can provide. Push forward!
7. The best of the best, the heaviest of the heavy, afraid of nothing, the most powerful tanks will be ready to be unleashed under your command! With these behemoths in your arsenal you'll be able to relentlessly pursue the enemy and push onward towards victory. Let nothing stop you!
8. Claim victory once and for all! Your enemies will flee from the battlefield and will remember this day as their greatest defeat!

Developers Update #3
Welcome to another developers update for Men of War: Assault Squad. First of all, we'd like to thank everyone of you who participated in the open beta and provided feedback to us. Taking this opportunity we will share what we have achieved since the open beta with you today.
Developers Update #2
Welcome to the second developer update for Men of War: Assault Squad.