Developers Update #2

Developers Update #2

Welcome to the second developer update for Men of War: Assault Squad.

Much has happened since our last devupdate which focused on the Skirmish gamemode. The game is progressing well and will be shown during the GamesCom 2010 in Cologne to both the press and the public. So if you plan on attending this event, you can be one of the first to see and play the game at the show. Hall 6.1, No 40, Aisle A.

Until then, we continue our series of developer updates, this time focusing on the infantry which you will see in Men of War: Assault Squad.

Infantry are the most important units on the battlefield. They're required to capture strategic zones, launch assaults, hold positions and to provide cover for valuable assets like tanks. Providing support for armor is just as important as the armor itself, and a tank shouldn't advance out without supporting infantry. A single tank is an easy target for enemy infantry that can hide behind obstacles, in high grass or other foliage.

If you experienced Men of War before, you will know how valuable infantry can prove to be on the battlefield, however the infantry in Men of War: Assault Squad, are better equipped, smarter and much more thoughtfully designed. The game features two resources, MP (Manpower) and CP (Command Points). While MP defines the amount and type of units you can buy, CP sets a limit to the amount of units you can control at one time. The higher the CP cost of the unit, the less you can have on the field of that type.

Infantry squads now combine several infantry classes to achieve optimal firepower and defensive abilities. Here are some examples of the new squads available:


1. Conscripts - Basic infantry, lightly equipped and just good enough to hold points that were captured by better infantry earlier. However their small amount of CP usage makes them very valuable for supplementing your forces.
2. Assault Infantry - Excellent infantry to capture new positions, their agility and close combat weapons can overwhelm enemies quickly.
3. Regular Infantry - While these infantry sport rifles for long range fire, the real power comes from the LMGs with which this squad is also equipped. Because of this these infantry are fantastic when used defensively.
4. Paratroopers - Call in some of the elite paratroopers equipped with fast firing weapons, they can punch holes through enemy lines with ease. However they shouldn't attack without necessary support against heavy fortifications.
5. Rangers - The best troops the army can deliver, superior equipment, excellent anti-tank capabilities, the elite infantry to beat enemies of all classes. However they are extremely expensive and require significant amounts of CP.
6. Mechanized Rangers - The same Rangers as above, but delivered in an armored vehicle which proves a deadly combination. Their mobility allows them to quickly react to the flow of battle while their superior equipment allows them to out-shoot and outlast their opponents. Needless to say, you won't be able to afford these quality troops very often.


1. Volkssturm - Not exactly the best trained infantry, but useful enough to hold the line without caring for losses. As their American counterparts their small amount of CP usage makes them very valuable for supplementing your forces and providing a presence on the field where the action is light.
2. Assault Infantry - Equipped with dozens of MP40s and a StGw44s, these troops deliver superb firepower for a relatively cheap price.
3. Regular Infantry - Bolt action rifles may not the best weapons in the war, however this is easily compensated by the most feared machine gun of all the time. Sporting the infamous MG42, this squad is capable of stopping everything that doesn't come with a tank.
4. Paratroopers - The Luftwaffe's finest are well-trained and are equipped with superior weapons. These troops are a capable fighting force under any circumstance, but will do best when supported by additional units.
5. Panzergrenadiere - The best equipped infantry in the war, they come equipped with the StGw44, the G43 and plenty of Panzerfausts. Nothing that the enemy can throw at them will shake their determination; the only thing they could possibly fear is running out of ammo.
6. Mechanized Panzergrenadiere - Your elite troops delivered in a half track provide your best infantry the mobility to take the fight anywhere on the battlefield. There is really only one thing to worry about, the MP cost.

Regular infantry includes one Squadleader, two Submachine gunners, six Riflemen, and one Machine-gunner.

Men of War: Assault Squad comes with over 170 types of infantry from five different nations. Never before has infantry received so much love in a game.

Developers Update #3
Welcome to another developers update for Men of War: Assault Squad. First of all, we'd like to thank everyone of you who participated in the open beta and provided feedback to us. Taking this opportunity we will share what we have achieved since the open beta with you today.
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