Scenarios for different nations

 Scenario of the German campaign

The German campaign takes place between 1941 and 1943 in both North Africa and Crete. When playing as the Germans you take part in a large-scale air landing (known as "Operation Mercury"), an assault on the fortified city of Tobruk before finally feeling the brunt of an Allied attack.

During the German campaign you take on the character of Gunther Borg — a brave, strict and practical soldier. His military career begins with a successful air drop on Crete, which has been capture by enemy forces. After he joins the African Corps he must fight at the Tobruk fortress in the deserts of Libya. The war in the desert in unlike most battles and soldiers had to conserve their energy in the scorching heat before unleashing all-out assaults.

Scenario of the Allied campaign

The Allied forces fight in Algeria and Tunisia and you must take part in Operation Torch, which sees the Allieds meeting strong resistance as they try to defeat the German Army in North Africa.

Central to the Allied campaign is your character Terry Palmer, a former anti-war journalist who never imagined he would be forced to fight on the front lines. But now he bravely ventures into enemy territory to warn his fellow soldiers about the plans of the German Army and, together with a small battalion, he tries to withstand an attack on ammunition depots in Tunisia.

Scenario of the USSR campaign

The Soviet campaign begins on November 11th, 1941 in the Rostov area. During the Soviet mission you must assemble troops that survived an unexpected bombing raid. After gathering your soldiers you must then defend economically and strategically important targets (such as the Rostelmash factory) and stop the Germans reaching Moscow.

Multiplayer details
Men of War features 4 playable nations: Allies, Germany, USA and Soviet Union.
Basic features of the game
Different technologies that makes Men of War one of the most realistic game ever.
Developers update 7
In this latest Developer Update we introduce two new vehicles, which will be available in the Multiplayer mode.
Developers update 6
This Developers Update is dedicated to Singleplayer fans.
Developers update 5
We already updated you on the fact that the accuracy of the tanks depends on their mounted guns, and that a fast movement of the chassis or turret will decrease the accuracy drastically.
Developers update 4
Men of War offers one of the best RTT/RTS AIs if not the best up to date and massive improvements have been made in this iteration.
Developers Update 3
New features to make Men of War more real.
Developers Update 2
In this Developer Update the player will learn about new graphic and sound features, which upgrade gameplay to an unprecedented level of realism.
Developers Update 1
This Developer Update outlines some completely new innovations which drastically increase the level of realism in the game.