Different technologies that makes Men of War one of the most realistic game ever.

 Main features

  • Complex damage engine which allows game objects to be damaged on multiple levels
  • Comprehensive cover system
  • Precision system of vision that takes into account window, walls, bushes, etc.
  • Detailed damage system of vehicles and structures, along with ballistic calculation of bullets and shell trajectories
  • Direct control of any unit
  • Dynamic landscape, which can be deformed by explosions
  • Soft „fog of war“
  • Breakable ice
  • Volumetric highly detailed grass
  • Wide assortment of firearms, along with ground, water and air vehicles

  • Glare/bloom effect that gives improved smoothness to graphics
  • Bump-mapping to highlight small details of vehicles and structures
  • Water reflections (e.g. sky and objects)
  • Masked specular lighting for brilliant surfaces (e.g. metal)
  • Mask environment mapping for reflecting surfaces
  • Cross/self-shadowing for objects and ground
  • Multi-texturing of complex objects, including pre-generated light maps

The AI-engine that powers Men of War has been in development for several years, which means battles are now unpredictable and extremely thrilling. AI Opponents plan their tactics and take into account a range of different influences, including: number of troops, weapons, ammunition, health, presence of cover and even morale. Alongside this players can also engage in reconnaissance and change the clothes or camouflage of their soldiers to fit the situation. However, the balanced difficulty means that both casual and hardcore players will enjoy the epic battles — which can potentially feature up to 30 units from each side.


The physics engine in Men of War is unlike any other real-time strategy game for a variety of different reasons. For example, you can destroy the large buildings that are spread around each map — some of which tower over your troops. In fact, many first-person shooters would be envious of the detailed physics engine in Men of War. This is because each bullet or shell is affected by real physical laws and takes into account such elements as: distance, type of bullet, hit point and so on. There are also some stand out Hollywood-style action moments as explosions from fuel tanks or vehicles explode in massive balls of flame.

Special effects

In Men of War it was important to make the special effects as realistic as possible. Whether it's an explosion, splashes in water, dust, fire, smoke, tracks or the movement of loose snow, the sense of realism is incredible and very cinematic. This has been achieved by using very high-quality art material and different particle effects.


The free camera — which allows you to adjust the height, angle and degree — ensures that players can choose the perfect view to oversee their army. The use of detailed textures and animations also ensures that you can zoom extremely close to the action without losing any detail or graphical quality. When zooming in large structures become translucent to ensure that troops do not disappear. This is extremely useful when fighting in built-up areas.

Multiplayer details
Scenarios for different nations
Men of War features 4 playable nations: Allies, Germany, USA and Soviet Union.
Basic features of the game
Developers update 7
In this latest Developer Update we introduce two new vehicles, which will be available in the Multiplayer mode.
Developers update 6
This Developers Update is dedicated to Singleplayer fans.
Developers update 5
We already updated you on the fact that the accuracy of the tanks depends on their mounted guns, and that a fast movement of the chassis or turret will decrease the accuracy drastically.
Developers update 4
Men of War offers one of the best RTT/RTS AIs if not the best up to date and massive improvements have been made in this iteration.
Developers Update 3
New features to make Men of War more real.
Developers Update 2
In this Developer Update the player will learn about new graphic and sound features, which upgrade gameplay to an unprecedented level of realism.
Developers Update 1
This Developer Update outlines some completely new innovations which drastically increase the level of realism in the game.