Basic features of the game

Damaging system

The realistic damage system in Men of War makes combat seem extremely life-like and adds an extra layer of tactics. For example, a tank that has its thick armour hit front on by a shell will hardly be damaged. However, an anti-tank grenade accurately thrown into the engine can cause a great deal of damage. Although, it's not all bad, and if you have a repair kit, it's possible to fix any vehicles that haven't been totally destroyed.

Players have a range of different vehicles and weapons they can use to take out the enemy. A few include: automatic rifles, machine guns, jet grenade launchers, jeeps, tanks, anti-aircraft guns, armoured cars and many others. All these are modelled on detailed drawings of real combat vehicles, which adds to the overall realism in Men of War.

Troops and shelters
Troops of soldiers are the basic unit in game. The commander is indicated by a yellow marker, while ordinary soldiers are green. Meanwhile, units that aren't assigned to a squad are coloured grey until they're recruited by a commander. You can appoint commanders yourself, as well as include or exclude particular soldiers and even control separate units. Practically any object can be used by ground troops as a shelter from enemy fire and a handy icon demonstrates exactly how units will use shelter when moving.


One of the most exciting features in Men of War is the inclusion of an inventory for each vehicle and solider. The player can search the bodies of fallen comrades, enemies or even vehicles to find useful items, like a grenade launcher or a high-powered sniper rifle. At any time the inventory can be opened up, so that items can be swapped around or removed entirely to make room for more important objects.

Placing mines
As a nasty surprise for any attacking troops, players can place anti-tank or anti-infantry mines along potential routes. Although this tactic might not be commonplace in the single-player, when playing with others in multiplayer it can become the ace up a skilled commander's sleeve.

The chance of success or failure in Men of War depends not only on the size of a player's army but also the correct choice of tactics during key moments in a battle. For example using a Sherman tank may potentially tip the fight but you've always got to ensure enemy soldiers aren't armed with anti-tank grenades. What's more cover can be destroyed by heavy fire, so a house that may seem like a perfect defence position one moment, can be levelled by tank fire the next — killing any soldiers hiding inside.

Multiplayer details
Scenarios for different nations
Men of War features 4 playable nations: Allies, Germany, USA and Soviet Union.
Different technologies that makes Men of War one of the most realistic game ever.
Developers update 7
In this latest Developer Update we introduce two new vehicles, which will be available in the Multiplayer mode.
Developers update 6
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Developers update 5
We already updated you on the fact that the accuracy of the tanks depends on their mounted guns, and that a fast movement of the chassis or turret will decrease the accuracy drastically.
Developers update 4
Men of War offers one of the best RTT/RTS AIs if not the best up to date and massive improvements have been made in this iteration.
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Developers Update 2
In this Developer Update the player will learn about new graphic and sound features, which upgrade gameplay to an unprecedented level of realism.
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