Meet the Men of War: Vietnam heroes from both sides of the conflict.

Fyodor Kazakov (Senior Lieutenant, 45 y.o.).

Veteran of WWII. Fought with reconnaissance and sabotage group in the Far East. Then he was assigned to train Viet Cong guerillas and North Vietnam army soldiers sabotage in Vietnam. Prefers Kalashnikov assault rifles with optics. Able to use almost any type of small arms with the highest effectiveness.

Personality/Behavioral peculiarities: Ironic, tranquil, and very self-assured. Considerable operational record allows him to make correct decisions in action, and overcome any difficulties, accidents and enemy actions.

Mikhail Morozov (Lieutenant, 28 y.o.).

Sniper. Operates with the Dragunov rifle, great in handling cold steel. Perfect at firing any pistols and revolvers. He was assigned to Vietnam to train soldiers how to handle the state-of-the-art soviet fire arms.

Personality/Behavioral peculiarities: very cold-blooded and proficient at sniper shooting, but can lose his temper in non-combat circumstances. Despite his hot temper, he has proven himself to be a perfect shooter and mentor.

Fam Tin Ming (Lieutenant, 27 y.o.).

Accompanies the Soviet consultants as an interpreter. Trained to handle any automatic weapons, but prefers the Kalashnikov assault rifle due to its robustness and high fire-power.

Personality/Behavioral peculiarities: Highly responsible. Very respectful towards Kazakov and Morozov. Ready to sacrifice himself to save the Soviet consultants from death.

Li Van Kuan (Sergeant, 25 y.o.).

The forth survivor from the ambushed column of engineers and consultants. Extremely agile, and accurate at handling hand-held machine-guns (prefers Kalashnikov LMG), which is extraordinary for his size.

Personality/Behavioral peculiarities: He was 12 when he held a gun for the first time. It happened during the Sino-French War. It might be the reason for his restraint, taciturnity and insularity, as well as a habit of executing any commands without the slightest hesitation.

US Army Special Operations Detachment

John Merrill, 30 y.o.

US Army Special Operations group commander. Prefers the M16 rifle with silencer and sniper sight, but he can surely handle any automatic weapon. He also likes and uses a pistol with a silencer and he is perfect at throwing knives – he carries two of those on any operation.

Personality/Behavioral peculiarities: Military to the bone, rough professional. Might be rude, but will never let his partners down. Hates disputes.

Jim Volsh, 28 y.o.

Machine-gunner. Operates with Ì-60 machine-gun. Carries a gun with a silencer as an auxiliary weapon.

Personality/Behavioral peculiarities: Tough and reliable. Although it will never occur to him to disobey the order, Jim likes to whine about stuff like “what if we do it and get killed,” “oh, I need to run again with my heavy machine-gun,” “all of you are travelling light and I get my neck all scratched by the bullet belts.” All-in-all, a real professional, but grumbler and slightly paranoid.

Sonny Armstrong, 25 y.o.

Sniper. He is also highly efficient at handling a gun with silencer as well as throwing knives.

Personality/Behavioral peculiarities: Restrained, slightly arrogant and taciturn. Never disputes an order or talks back, proud of being a professional. If he jokes, he prefers dark humor; however it is not always funny.

Karl Dillan, 20 y.o.

Grenadier. Uses 40mm grenade launcher. Likes Colt XM-177E1 carbine, a short-barreled version of M16, as a secondary weapon.

Personality/Behavioral peculiarities: The most reckless one in the group due to his age. Always looks for trouble, not only for himself, but evidently for the others. Always makes wisecracks. Well, at least he thinks they are wise...

Bill Kirbi, 26 y.o.

Demolition specialist. Uses various types of explosives, from tactical charges up to mines. Very good with his captured AK-47 and a pistol with a silencer.

Personality/Behavioral peculiarities: Grim and unsociable, but he becomes excited when there is a need to set something on fire or explode. He is so carried away by what he is doing that if you don’t keep an eye on him he might be a “little” slow at retreating since he has to “leave a couple of presents” or blow something up in the air.

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